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Community Art

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Dream on Rotterdam

Dream on Rotterdam introduces inhabitants of asylum center Rotterdam to the art of graffiti and film.Together with professional film makers and graffiti artists they created a 7 by 3 graffiti piece and a documentary of their creative process. Due to the closure of the asylum seeker center, this work of art became a gift to the city of Rotterdam. Even though people move, art remains...

Watch full documentary | 8 minutes

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Theater on mental health

Fifteen teenagers with no acting experience translated their personal stories on mental health issues into a participatory theatre piece.

Working alongside a theater director, a film director and a social worker they created a peer-to-peer theater piece wherein spectators become spect-actors that share and play out solutions to common but complex teenage challenges.  
The theater play has an educational spinoff into the school curriculum. Using participatory theatre techniques and personal stories to develop a sharing and caring culture on secondary schools.

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