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Our lives changed after visiting Malawi. In 2022 we created award winning films and worked with so many talented and warm hearted photographers, playwrights, changemakers, actors, painters, musicians and artists. It made us want to return. Structurally and at a well thought out level. A Capa Capa level.


Next chapter: Moving forward together

With The Capa Capa Foundation we support creatives in Malawi to create high quality work to make a positve impact on society. We connect artists to mission based organizations to work together on similar goals. For communities. We invite artists from abroad to work with Malawian artists on development goals. To mutually grow on skills, understanding and interest.


peeks at the moon


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likes to try


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tells scary stories

Bruun Seppe

The four
of us


loves basketball


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Capa Capa,
meaning layer by layer


Human beings build on experiences layer by layer and this is how we develop ourselves and our culture. With each layer, we create new insights about life, and in doing so, our environment and community grows with us. By promoting and organizing art projects and cultural activities about social and societal issues, Capa Capa builds a new layer of stories that inspire people.


We share and develop stories with all forms of art to raise awareness of underexposed social and community issues in Malawi.

We support our mission by establishing an international arts network where artists and NGOs meet and act to collaborate on socially engaged stories that inspire change on social and environmental issues.

Do you feel the urgence of acting now to inspire people and build a better world? Your donation helps to make this possible. 


We see a world where arts and culture have a driving role in bringing attention to social and societal issues. 

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