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Do the Capa Capa!

Create with us. Build a brighter future for all. We believe art has the power to inspire society. We create art to build a new layer of stories that inspire positive change in Malawi.
Awesome! With your help we tell stories to raise awareness of social and community issues in Malawi.

Social Art

Capa Capa is a vibrant network of artists and organizations working on social issues to inspire positive change. We connect artists with purpose driven organizations to take action together. And we offer exchange programs for artists from around the world to collaborate with Malawian artists on inspiring stories. Let's do this Capa Capa together!

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Move the world with your story


Are you a visual artist, performing artist, musician or writer? Do you work on stories in the social or societal domain? Then Capa Capa is your place to go to. We invite artists who have a story to tell, who enjoy connecting with others and have a strong sense of justice. We welcome artists, students and creatives who are willing to use their skills to research, recognize and address particular social and societal issues.


Give us a shout out to let us know what sort of work you make and what you whish to work on in Malawi. We organize exchanges and artist projects based on your qualities.


Are you an organization working towards making a difference in the world? We can help take your storytelling to the next level. By working together with us, we'll collaborate to produce powerful content that effectively communicates your message in a way that resonates with your target audience. With our expertise in creating socially conscious content, we'll help you make a bigger impact.

Share us your story, we are eager to hear from you.

Are you this purpose driven artists or organization? Let's connect!

Meet the Team

Meet the founders of Capa Capa, Renée and Dirk from The Netherlands. We have a shared passion for art and a purpose-driven mindset. We established Capa Capa because we see so much creativity in Malawi, ready to reach the world. We are driven to support these artists and create a meaningful impact on the community. Discover more about our journey and the inspiration behind Capa Capa.

We use our love for social artistry to stimulate social impact.


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