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Art Projects

We're excited to show you the art projects Capa Capa is supporting. Read more about these art projects in development below.

Film | Women Rights | Gender


What's it about 

ANIFA is a film about a young woman who, after the sudden death of her husband, is trying to continue to operate her late husband’s kabaza (motorcycle) business. It is a fallacy to the the African community for a woman like Anifa to join careers perceived as "Men-Only careers", but she must find a way to rewrite the rules in-order to survive with her three children.

Director Eric Chandilanga: "We believe this film will spark discussions around gender inequalities due to cultures, religion and beliefs".

_HMH0954 lr.jpg


  • Creating awareness on women rights.

  • Inspire women to take action on their jobsearch.

  • Educate young women about taking agency on their future.


  • Funding 65.000 euro

  • Organization to work on educational materials

Watch the trailer of Anifa. Director: Eric Chandilanga
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